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Shopify E-commerce Sites and Mobile Apps, Simplified.

Ply Interactive, Inc.

111 W John street #307, Seattle, WA 98119


Wine club and e-commerce software for modern wineries.

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Ply is a registered Shopify partner. We're one of just a handful with this distinction in the Seattle area. 


About Ply

Ply is a small, talented team of digital designers and developers. We handcraft user-centered websites and mobile apps. In many ways, Ply is similar to other boutique digital agencies. A typical day for a designer might include meetings, presentations, design reviews, and of course designing. Our developers write great software that is peer-reviewed, and follows the latest best practices. Ply does all of this as well as anyone else.

What makes us different?

We’ve been designing and building websites since 1995. Our experience spans working with small, local businesses, to some of the largest companies in the world, like Nestle, Boeing, Amazon and Microsoft. We’ve learned a ton over the last 20 years, working with some of the most influential business leaders, and creative minds in the industry. Here are some things we’ve learned that define how we’re different.

First, we need to understand the problem.

Henry Ford has a famous quote, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” This doesn’t mean your customers don’t know what they want. It means you first need to clearly understand their problem before you can come up with the right solution. Great design only occurs when there is a strong need to fix a real issue. The problem Ford’s customers faced was a need to travel farther, faster. It took Ford’s creativity to design the right solution.

We think failing is valuable.

Everyone has heard the term return-on-investment. We like the term return-on-failure better. How can a business get a return on failure? Ask Rovio, the maker of the best-selling iOS game ever. They failed 51 times before Angry Birds was a success. What Rovio did differently was measure their failures, learn from the data, improve the experience, and repeat. It’s proven to be a valuable way to find the right product-market fit, unless you’re comfortable with rolling the dice and hoping it works out.

A project is never complete.

The first waffle out of the iron is never the best. We’ve learned that it’s hard to get it right the first time. Ply doesn’t take on projects that don’t follow the 'start small, continuously improve' approach. Technology changes rapidly, as does customer expectations. Ply builds long-term relationships with their clients, to learn what problems our customers face, and improve the success rate over time.

Focus on one thing. Then, do it incredibly well.

Prioritize what’s important to your business and focus on that one thing. If you try to do too much at one time, you’ll end up with a pile of half-baked features that customers won’t use. Be the best at one thing first — own it — then build off of that.

We try not to get emotionally attached to our work.

The team at Ply loves our clients and the work that we do for them. It’s hard not to when you spend months, or years, building something incredible, with people you really enjoy working with. It’s easy to get very attached to the work. We’ve learned the hard way that clients will come-and-go, projects will start-and-stop, and great ideas will be left on the table. We respect the decisions our clients make, even when they are counter to our expert advice, and we graciously move forward.

Experience tells us that simple isn’t easy.

Complexity is has become an epidemic. It erodes business success by consuming countless hours of productivity for both the creators of software and the users. Complexity isn't an easy issue to tackle. It requires designers and developers to first understand what makes something complex. Then they need the experience and skill to know how to best organize, reduce, and clarify. Simple is hard to do well. Simple is what we specialize in. We like doing the hard work.

Patrick Stroud

President & Design Director

Josh Reeves

Senior Developer

Mara Dillinger

User Interface Designer

Evie Weigel

Project Manager

Aiden Fleischer

Junior Developer


Ply specializes in applications for digital screens — websites, mobile apps, digital marketing, and social media. Our focus has allowed us to become very good at what we do. Using technology, we make human connections through design.

Our process involves a healthy dose of research, planning, and testing. It isn’t linear like many other agencies. We are iterative and at different phases our processes are interwoven. Here are the core services we provide:

Design and User Experience

Concepts and sketching
Information architecture
User flows and task modeling
Website wireframes
High resolution design mocks
Feature prototypes

Development & Hosting

Full-stack development in PHP and Ruby-on-Rails
Responsive mobile development
CMS configuration and integration
E-commerce catalog and checkout process
Mobile app development in iOS and Android
Dedicated hosting of Websites
Nightly data backups and recovery
Monthly maintenance and support plans

Strategy, Planning, and Project Management

Website user experience audit
Online business and operations strategy
Persona development & mental modeling
Project timeline management
Project task management

Contact us below for more information on what we can do to help your business work online.

Services We Provide

Ply Interactive, Inc
111 W. John St.
Suite 307
Seattle, WA 98119