Cookies (real ones) and Code


After we’d poured our coffees and gathered for the morning meeting, a box of warm cookies was delivered, from one team member to another, with the following note, “Sorry for the pile of work I dropped on you. You have to share the cookies though.”

After a few minutes of enjoying our surprise treats, and commenting on how awesome our team is, our the conversation shifted to what exactly makes some cookies better than others. Well, Tessa Arias had already done the work for us in a logical and methodical process that we can all appreciate.


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The QR Code Fad is Over

QR Code

Fad: an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived and without basis in the object’s qualities; a craze.

In the business and technology worlds, many fads that explode in usage, fade away as technology and/or habits change. Such is the story of  QR codes. They hit their full stride as an easy way to share web-based content anywhere without requiring users to type long or complex URLs into mobile phones.


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Then and Now



Disney, Apple, Microsoft, and more sites from then and now.

How far has interactive design come over the years?

This far:



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2013 Wine Grape Harvest Infographic


When the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) released the 2013 wine grape harvest report, the Washington State Wine Commission (WSWC) asked Ply to present the data in a way the media could quickly understand. Additionally, the information was to be featured on their new app, The Recommendeuer, so it had to match a unique visual style.


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Wine Grape Reports


Asking your client for feedback on a completed project can evoke a wide range of responses. We hoped for a positive assessment – we got a giant bear hug. The Director for the Washington State Wine Commission (WSWC), Steve Warner, was reacting to the performance of the brand new online wine grape reporting tool that we released in time for the largest-ever 2013 harvest. Until now, anyone who grew, sold, or crushed grapes in the state of Washington had to sit down every year and fill out and mail an extensive paper form to the WSWC.


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El Camión. Truckin’ Awesome!


When we were given a chance to redesign El Camion’s website, we were thrilled for a few reasons. One, we relate to their dedication to quality. Two, their clean design aesthetic prevails in their three trucks and one brick-and-mortar location (El Camion Aldentro – the truck inside). Three, the owner gave us free range to photograph, design and develop both the mobile and desktop site in any way we felt best represented his mission. And lastly, who doesn’t love mouth-watering tacos?


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Celebrate 48 – Seahawks Parade


With the other 700,000 fans, the team took the afternoon off to celebrate the Seahawks dominating Superbowl win. Seeing Marshawn Lynch throwing Skittles at fans while standing on the hood of a truck was work the wait and our frozen feet. Go Hawks!







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Interactive Map for our Wine Industry


Wine lovers can be insatiable in their search for every last detail of their favorite wineries and varietals. Professionals who work in the winery trade and media can be even more exacting in their search for information, seeking out every nuance in soil temperatures, rainfall and a slew of other factors that make Washington wines unique. To satisfy this need, the Washington State Wine Commission (WSWC) wanted a one-stop resource where all of this data could be easily accessed. We were happy to help design and build a visual display of this information by creating an interactive map of our state’s viticulture areas.


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Washington Wine Industry Economic Impact


Click on the infographic to make it bigger!


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Where’s Patrick?


I thought it would be fun to put on an office wide contest, so I printed out our fierce leader’s face and hide them throughout the office. The contest is simple, the person who finds the most faces, wins a prize.


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Wine Industry Resources Are Now Online


The Washington State Wine Commission has a clear mission: to raise awareness of our state’s great selection of wines, through marketing and education. Because the WSWC wanted to rethink how they share information with the wine industry’s core audience, the trade and press, they hired Ply.


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3 Tips for iOS 7


Since I started using iOS 7, I’ve found these three tricks to be very helpful. All three tips have to do with gestures which is very prominent in the new iOS. You can find lots more tips and tricks online from sources such as Mashable, or Mac Life, but I’ve decided to give you my three favorites that I use all the time.


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Washington State Fair Mobile App


The official 2013 Washington State Fair app puts continuous fun at your fingertips. Plan your trip to the State Fair, Spring Fair, and all other events happing on the fairgrounds year-round.

Built upon Ply’s Content Management System, the new app allows users to access information in real-time about fair events, on both iOS and Android devices. Tickets, calendar events, and alerts are managed in one central location, allowing content administrators to simultaneously update information to the app and the website. Wrapped in an easy-to-use design and utilizing native features like GPS and maps, fairgoers found the app to be the perfect tool to get the most out of their experience at the fair.


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Perfect weather today.

Seattle Weather

It doesn’t get much nicer than today, here in Seattle.

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It’s Time! The Washington State Fair Website


The Puyallup Fair has a new name and a new look for 2013: The Washington State Fair at This past Friday the fair, honored as the largest fair in Washington, kicked off its 113th year.


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Puget Sound Viticulture Area – Vashon Winery


Since we’ve been working on the viticulture areas map for the Washington Wine Commission, I was inspired to go do a bit of wine tasting myself at Vashon Winery.


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